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How to Pitch PSYN

At PSYN Media, we’re the leading voice in news surrounding sex and pleasure. Our editorial divisions – SELF, CULTURE, and POLITICS – dive into the heart of these topics with boldness, wit, and journalistic integrity. From hard-hitting news to engaging listicles and personal features, we're dedicated to providing our readers with insightful and entertaining content. Here's how to pitch us:

Pitching Guidelines:

Please send all pitches to

What We're Looking For:

We seek smart, engaging, and humorous writing that resonates with our audience and fits within one of our three main editorial divisions: SELF, CULTURE, and POLITICS. Here's what we're interested in:

SELF: Articles exploring mental, physical, and spiritual health, including topics like fitness, sex, dating, and parenting. We welcome both personal reflections and reported pieces with expert insights. If you're interested in reader submissions, we fangirl over sex diaries and advice columns.

CULTURE: Pieces that celebrate, critique, or analyze the sexual experience and expression within various aspects of pop culture and entertainment, from celebrities to internet phenomena. We value cultural criticism, personal perspectives, and enthusiastic adoration.

POLITICS: Stories that offer fresh perspectives on power dynamics within the realm of sex, abortion rights, and more - whether in politics, career, crime, or finance. We appreciate pieces with a sharp angle, personal insights, and occasional humor.

Common Pitching Mistakes:

Avoid pitching general topics without a specific angle. Instead, focus on a unique angle or story idea that hasn't been covered extensively.

Do your research to ensure you're not pitching topics we've already covered or that don't align with our editorial focus.

Don't forget who you're writing for. Always keep our target audience in mind. Our readers are seeking news and information on sex and pleasure. They're interested in health, politics, product reviews, and more. If you're able to write to that, then we've got a PSYN Press Pass waiting for you.

Pitch Format:

Subject Line: Clearly indicate the type of pitch (e.g., Personal Essay Pitch, Investigative Reporting Pitch) followed by a brief summary of your idea.

Body: Include a suggested headline (we love when it's fun), a concise summary (1-3 sentences), proposed timeline, and any relevant sources or interview subjects.

Editing Process:

Our editing process is collaborative and thorough. If we're interested in your pitch, we'll discuss rates, deadlines, and other expectations upfront. You'll receive an agreement with clear terms, and we use a freelance management platform for communication and payment.

We value clear and respectful communication throughout the editing process, and we appreciate your adherence to our editorial standards.

At PSYN Media, we're committed to delivering engaging, thought-provoking content to our audience, and we look forward to hearing your pitches!

Let’s Work Together

Email, or make it a quickie and sext pitch us below. 

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