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Utah School District Bans ‘Sex-ridden’ Bible

  • The ban is based on guidelines outlined in new legislation, claiming that the holy scriptures do not offer any meaningful values for minors due to their perceived "pornographic" nature

  • Several elementary and middle schools banned the book thanks to oh-so sordid passages about sex and violence

  • Next on the chopping block? The Book of Mormon (no, we aren’t kidding)


God is getting censored. His top-selling book is too steamy for Utah.

A school district in the state has removed the King James Bible from its bookshelves. The decision came after a parent complained about the book's content, calling it "sex-ridden" and inappropriate for children.

A committee appointed by the district reviewed the complaint and agreed to take action, resulting in the removal of the historic Christian text from several elementary and middle schools.

The parent's letter of complaint compared the scrutiny applied to non-religious books and argued that the Bible contained explicit passages about sex and violence. They listed a range of controversial topics, including “incest, onanism, bestiality, prostitution, genital mutilation, fellatio, dildos, rape, and even infanticide,” according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

This move comes after Utah Republicans passed legislation in 2022 to remove literature deemed "pornographic or indecent" from classrooms. As a result, numerous books underwent review, and over 20 were banned, including Toni Morrison’s first novel, “The Bluest Eye,” and Maia Kobabe’s memoir, “Gender Queer.”

"Hold my beer, Colleen Hoover." - Jesus

The ban on the King James Bible is based on the same guidelines outlined in the legislation, claiming that the holy scriptures do not offer any meaningful values for minors due to their perceived "pornographic" nature. The district spokesman confirmed the immediate implementation of the ban, affecting multiple schools.

In a recent development, the school district has received a request to review the Book of Mormon, considering its compliance with the newly enacted standards. With over 60% of Utahans being Mormons, this request highlights the ongoing conversation about appropriate content in educational settings. While the King James Bible will still be available to high school students in Davis, an appeal is currently under review to reinstate the book for lower grades.

Different Bible translations remain accessible in one junior high school and a couple of elementary schools within the district.

Did you get off on the Bible and now need a new steamy novela to follow? We suggest checking out Colleen Hoover.

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