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Dirty Talk: The Cannasexual

Updated: May 25

For this moon’s report, PSYN’s Nancy Drew chats with Ashley Manta, aka The Cannasexual, about how you can use cannabis to elevate your sex life.

Ashley Manta is an award winning sex and relationship coach, the author of The CBD Solution: Sex (which, you can buy here!), and one of the leading experts on combining sex and cannabis in a mindful and deliberate way to deepen intimacy and pleasure – whether you’re soloed or partnered.

“The higher levels of estrogen in your body, the more THC affects you. So you can actually have different experiences at different points in your cycle. And likewise with folks who are in menopause or post-menopausal. Their estrogen levels have tanked, so they probably will need more cannabis to get them to where they’re trying to go.”

For this Full Moon in Libra, we’re giving you an audio beam.

So tune in, relax, and learn how you can elevate your sex life.

The Hott Take

Hey there, PSYN Circle! Nancy Drew here…

I met Ashley Manta through the legendary Betty Dodson (as seen on Netflix’s “The Goop Lab”) back in 2019. We became fast friends while celebrating the late Masturbation Guru’s 90th birthday in the Catskills. After a long weekend of shared joints, Sybian rides, masturbation circles, tantra workshops and genital show and tell, the two of us became fast friends.

In preparation for 4/20, I thought it only fitting to call on the sexpert of all things cannabis and elevated intimacy (which, is Ashley’s official podcast name, btw).

For those observing the holiday – Happy 4/20! Enjoy your ménage à trois with Mary Jane.

Stay pleasured, PSYN’s Nancy Drew

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